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13 April
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  • arwenxelaina@livejournal.com
.arwen _ elaina.
hi my name is arwen elaina and
i live love in paris.

i'm immensely simple. i love adrien [♥]. my BVFE's
names are camille, noémi, james, and seb. i can't stand tomato
sauce, wine, or meat. i don't do drugs. i can't stand clingy
people. i occasionally have issues pronouncing my english
properly, despite the fact that i've only been living
in paris for a short period of time. my eyes are violet
and i love them. i dislike the judgements that americans
put on the french, and vice versa. unlike much of the teenage
population, i have better things to do than obsess over
which bands are "posers" and which aren't. i can be shallow
sometimes, but never an elitist. i'm stubborn and i make
fun of everyone. i rarely swear. j'adore french bread.

NNNNOOOÉÉÉMMMMIIIII: je suis dans l'amour avejc arwen <3
arwen loves noémi.